Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not very tech oriented. How can I learn more about using online interactive software?

APCA recommends a variety of streaming, recording and meeting solutions in our virtual toolbox area. Please refer to that area to see the latest best practices in simple, effective online software and solutions, many of which are free to use!

How do I market my online calendar of events?

Please go to the toolbox area of this site for many different resources, best practices and articles on how to promote a healthy, engaging online campus life experience. That area will be updated constantly, so check back often.

How can I learn best practices for student online engagement?

APCA will be hosting various webinars and posting instructional videos on how to present effective, engaging solutions for your virtual campus population.  Additionally, our professional development library for campus activities advisors will be constantly updated and will provide more solutions daily. Please check the APCA website and our social media often to see the most current information for your online and live programming efforts. 

Where can I view demo videos?

Demo videos can be viewed in the areas indicated by the banners, according to genre.  Remember that these are demo videos, not necessarily representative of their online show experience, which is usually a much more intimate setting. If you are looking for an actual, unedited live showcase, please refer to the virtual online showcase area..

What's your privacy policy?

APCA takes our members’ privacy very seriously. APCA will generally not share any online booking requests, interest in a product or other information meant to be considered private between two parties.  APCA does allow listings of all members to be made available to the APCA membership, but we discourage and monitor over spamming. APCA will never give out student information, in adherence with FERPA policies. View Privacy Policy.

How do I pay for an online show?

Currently, most artists and agencies are handling charging for online shows using many different payment methods.  Some use Venmo.com, some use the tipping option at Stageit.com, some use a combination of Youtube, Vimeo, PayPal and Venmo.com to get paid. This portal is simply a resource to give you many different options, and the payment methods negotiated are up to you.

Many of these online shows aren’t listing rates. How do I know what the artist or attraction costs?

Many artists aren’t listing rates, since the artists are not all using a common revenue collection method. Some are charging a fee and giving prices, some are putting out virtual tip jars at stageit.com, and some are simply giving the online show away or offering it in exchange for a rebooking in the fall.  Contact them to find out what their current deal is, and don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Can I book one artist for multiple events?

Of course.  The beauty of online programming is that one artist can be in many, many locations at the same time, LIVE. But if you want to arrange for an online show NOW and a later date virtual show, you can reach out to the agent with an online booking form and inquire about bundling that package as well. .

What if I have a problem with an APCA vendor in the contracting or performing of a live or online show or event?

Your booked shows using the APCA online booking interest forms are covered by APCA grievance policies, and only APCA associate members who have agreed to sensitivity, ethical conduct and adherence to those grievance policies are allowed to participate.  If you have a problem with an event booked through the APCA online booking form system, we will stand with you to get it resolved, quickly and efficiently.

Where can artists and agencies submit their information to be added to the apcaonline.com website?

To submit an artist/attraction, go to Virtual Associate Resources, on the main menu, and from the drop-down menu select Submit Artist/Attraction or you may go directly to the submission form here


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